Business Insight

Paddy Keenan – Director of Digital EA Ltd

Working with the team at Malone Accounting has been a happy revelation for me having previously used the services of an accountant who hasn’t adopted modern technology and, more importantly, modern thinking.  My business takes up all of my time and I have always struggled to manage company finances via paper and manual means.  Through the use of technology as configured and managed for me by Malone Accounting, what used to be a huge problem has simply ‘gone away’ and freed me to pay more attention to business.  The team at Malone Accounting combine modern technology with simple and sound financial consultancy and their advice is as easy to digest as it is effective financially.  So, especially if you run a small business and you’re short of time for anything other than meeting your client’s requirements and your company’s financial management and reporting is a problem, I recommend that you lift the phone to Malone Accounting.  I wish that I had done so much earlier.