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Save yourself hours per week in your business! Top 5 time saving features from Receipt bank


Receipt bank is one of the most popular add ons for Xero and we’re big fans! Since we’ve been using it with our clients and for our own business we’ve saved loads of time for them and us! Added to that the bonus of never losing an invoice and we’re saving money too as each receipt is captured and goes into expenses to get a tax deduction. We love Receipt Bank and wanted to share these top features with you:

1. Email for suppliers

Receipt bank allows you to setup a custom email address for your business for your suppliers to email the invoices directly into receipt bank, meaning you don’t have to spend time forwarding emails and making sure you get every invoice processed quicker.

2. Fetch

You can login to over 2000 different suppliers through the receipt bank portal and it will automatically retrieve invoices for you and process these into Xero. Examples include suppliers like amazon, PayPal, Vodafone.

3. Auto publish

Once selected on a specific supplier or group of suppliers this wonderful feature means once the invoices is sent into receipt bank it will be automatically sent though to Xero once it is ready, saving you loads of time from having to publish invoices across. In fact Receipt bank takes this even further in that It lists out your top 10 suppliers by numbers of invoices received so once these are selected for the majority of these suppliers, a large portion of invoices will auto publish, leaving you with only the minority to review and publish to receipt bank.

4. Match

Receipt bank now shows you in real time those invoices that have a direct match in your Xero bank feed, making the link to those that have already been paid and then matching these up when published to Receipt bank. It can even match an invoice to an already reconciled bank item in Xero which means you don’t have to worry about having some items reconciled without an attached invoice.

5. View invoice in Xero

Once an invoice has been published from Receipt bank to Xero you can see every invoice at a click of a button side by side in Xero meaning you don’t have to look for those invoices ever again!

If you would like to know more or would like a demo of Receipt Bank then please let us know.